Anniversary of the Death of Apaktone by Fray Julio Madueno

On October 19, 2012, we remembered the 42nd anniversary of the death of Fr. Jose.  Last year on this date, several visitors came to the Sanctuary of St. Rose of Lima in Lima, Peru, who wished to visit the crypt where Fr. Jose is buried to pay their respects and pray.  I walked down into the sepulchre with our guests.  I was very happy to do so.  But the surprise of the day, came later in the afternoon:  while celebrating Mass I announced the presence of a large group of people who knew and were friends the Apaktone, and also announced that it happened to be the anniversary of his death.  I invited the group to also descend into the crypt to visit the tomb.  There they told me that they knew this was the day, since they had just received one of the newer Apaktone prayer cards where the date of his death is now written, and this was the reason for their collective visit to the Sanctuary.  So we prayed together and they left behind a beautiful floral arrangement brought by a devout gentleman who wanted to give thanks for the many favors granted by the Apaktone.-Fray.Julio Madueno-Lima

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